Joe Dumesnil - Founder & Managing Member

Mr. Dumesnil has 17 years in the petroleum industry, 9 of which with Halliburton Corporation.  He has worked in and managed multi-disciplinary technical teams utilizing technologies to monetize reserves optimally.  While at Halliburton he hired 1,200 new hires during 2004-2006 to allow the rocky mountain region to grow from $400mm to $900mm in annual revenue.  From 2009 to 2011 he was a lead petrophysicist in their Denver technical team looking at over 1,000 wells a year; wells drilled in all major us plays at that time and every burgeoning international unconventional play.  During this time, he also served to screen upstream working interest participation investment opportunities for Halliburton, which resulted in $150mm of deployed capital.  In 2011, he was asked to head up the creation of Halliburton’s China Technical Team and spent the next 3 years abroad developing a team, screening upstream investment opportunities in country and serving as a lead technical resource in the Asian Pacific region for pairing technologies with reservoirs.  While in China he served as Co-Chair for the Beijing American Chamber of Commerce’s Oil, Energy and Power Subcommittee as well as the Chairman and Program Chair of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). 

Since returning home in 2014, aside from starting OPAL, Mr. Dumesnil has filed a refrac technology patent and co-foundered a midstream liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) marketing company overseeing the supply chain of over 20,000 barrels/day to a customer in North Asia.   

Currently Mr. Dumesnil serves as Managing Director for Overland Oil and Gas, a Denver based upstream asset manager.  He also serves as the SPE’s Industry Advisory Council Chairman and sits on the Energy Tech Hub’s Leadership Board and Cascata Energy’s Technical Advisory Board.   


•  B.A. Degree in Geology from Denison University

•  M.Sc. Degree in Mineral Economics from Colorado School of Mines

•  M.Sc. Degree in Petroleum Business Management from Institut Francais Du Petrol (IFP School)